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三浦麻子・飛田操. (2002). 集団が創造的であるためには — 集団創造性に対する成員のアイディアの多様性と類似性の影響—. 実験社会心理学研究, 41(2), 124-136.

Miura, A., & Hida, M. (2004). Synergy between Diversity and Similarity in Group-Idea Generation. Small Group Research, 35(5), 540-564. doi: 10.1177/1046496404264942.

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Planned Traveler or Un Planned Traveler?How scheduled/planned do you prefer to be any time you travel? I'm the chaotic traveler who just likes to make stuff up as I go. I will not program over one particular particular event/attraction each day. I may make programs for a fancy meal, but I'd rather improvise my sight seeing. I prefer to system my sights or attractions but want to dine about the fly. I want to have a plainly organized schedule but will deviate if anything great or enjoyable comes up.<br>ugg leather boots for women http://shiuyukyuen.com/goodies/Presence/images/ugg-us-5210.html

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restrict my search to /r/picsuse the next search parameters to narrow your outcomes:see the search faq for facts. This consists of image macros, comics, infographics and most diagrams.<br>karen millen after christmas sales 2014 http://tubera.com/img/apps/Xmaskarenmillen-133.html

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Do add flair right after submitting your post by clicking over the "Please Include Flair to your Post" red button, then selecting whether or not its an "Artwork," "Article," "Discussion," and so on. If you are searching for feedback and critique please add the "Artwork C flair for your submit.<br>super saturday qvc http://levijacksonhvac.com/TreeLineImages/Xmaskarenmillen-16.html

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Your personal artwork "Title, medium, size"<br>australian ugg boots wholesale http://oxist.co.uk/links/ugg-us-5331.html

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"Oh, you suggest the tomb inside the mountain? The one particular together with the bugs as well as a gold necklace? You suggest that tomb? Yeah, I been there, but sure, let go once again."I playing vanilla on xbox 360, using the exception of a slight modification on the outcast outpost to create it truly feel more like house. I played for so lengthy that the bugs are starting to compound on top rated of one another, there a protectron that occasionally crashes in through the area apparently just about every 4 to six hours and bounces about for a few hundred meters in advance of coming to a stop. I understand it is actually the identical a single mainly because I put an alien power cell in his stock. I have uncovered out a way to use dogmeat to obtain back within vault 101 soon after it closes the second time. I've deleted and replayed each mothership Zeta from the pit to obtain a much better ending within this conserve file. I realize the Metro through the back of my hand. Half the wasteland is littered with Vertibird components and laser ash piles. Possibly a developer of the game has a relative buried during the Arlington cemetery and did that as a tribute?<br>uggs for 100 http://janetmcmillanconsulting.co.uk/includes/images/ugg-us-5280.html

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The British Style Council announced tonight that LONDON COLLECTIONS: Males (we're not certain about these capitals) will run to the primary time from Friday June 15 to Sunday June 17. Fairly what that usually means is unclear maybe an Elton concert? but what's specified is the fact that the brand new arrangement will probably be infinitely superior to stuff because they at the moment stand.<br>pink uggs with bows on back http://shiuyukyuen.com/img/base/ugg-us-5193.html

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Though mocked when it to start with opened, this is now Londn's one tourist attraction. Actually buy tickets on the net in advance for your most desirable charges. I acquired a Rapidly Track alternative to skip the lines and it was completely really worth it!City Cruises<br>after christmas online sales karen millen http://jetfanusa.com/wpgig/wp-includes/Text/Diff/Engine/Xmaskarenmillen-216.html

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This program explores the selection of the themes particular to logistics and Provide Chain Mechanism. It's a strong domestic and global flavour and improves your sensible management expertise and employability in this area. The course can also be suitable for consumers seeking self employment. The variety of positions made available for peoples who specialise this course are Logistics Managers, Provide Chain Executives, Procurement Manager, Front Line Managers and so forth. The Profession you aimed are usually met out from a job you received from a manufacturer or retailer or third party logistics company or any other connected organisations.<br>karen millen biggest after christmas sales http://tubera.com/dev/cubecart/skins/vanilla/templates/Xmaskarenmillen-146.html

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Double Decker Bus Excursions of NYC. What improved method to see a city than from your major of a double decker bus. These.<br>uggs scarf http://carsofheavitree.co.uk/images/banner/ugg/ugg-us-5008.html

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The major 10 London museumsThe EDF Power London Eye's official webpage<br>waterproof ugg boots women http://shiuyukyuen.com/goodies/Calendar/images/ugg-us-5248.html

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Chinese designer Simon Gao closed the curtain on London Fashion Week with really the celebrity following: his FROW integrated Georgia May perhaps Jagger, Daisy Lowe, Produced in Chelsea 'stars' and Tiny Tempah.<br>christmas gifts http://ifmcusa.com/inc/uggchristmas-21.html

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The latest bridge is the Millennium Bridge, opened in June 2000 to commemorate the new millennium. It had been quickly closed 2 days later since it had been particularly wobbly, but reopened in February 2001. I've been on it and it doesn't appear to wobble now. They have been largely used for hunting. Presumably in people days there was far more forest and significantly less flower beds.<br>christmas clearance items north face http://coastalgolfaway.com/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-icontact/images/northfacechristmas-238.html

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No LoL celebrity / meme photographs / movies; "famous" strategies are Ok (like Shushei Gragas).<br>karen millen steam christmas sale http://tubera.com/binf3330/gerry/Chapter03/Xmaskarenmillen-197.html

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All end users are expected to become respectful to other customers all the time. even more >><br>christmas gift wrap http://ifmcusa.com/edit/sysimage/tree/uggchristmas-42.html

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5) No slurs or harassment. Excessive or repeat offenders are banned. In spite of this, if you should feel you been banned by blunder, please message the mods.<br>ugg classic mini chestnut http://ironoutonline.com/Scripts/images/ugg/ugg-us-5409.html

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There's eight Royal Parks, Regent's, St. James, Kensington Gardens, Greenwich, Bushy, Richmond, Hyde and Green Park.<br>super saturday ocrf http://ifmcusa.com/myupload/uggchristmas-15.html

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The newest bridge may be the Millennium Bridge, opened in June 2000 to commemorate the new millennium. It was swiftly closed 2 days later since it had been exceptionally wobbly, but reopened in February 2001. I have been on it and it doesn't seem to wobble now. They were largely applied for hunting. Presumably in those days there was alot more forest and significantly less flower beds.<br>online christmas sale north face http://www.coastalgolfaway.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/northfacechristmas-278.html

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Os computadores melhoram a cada dia suas funcionalidades, capacidade de armazenamento, velocidade e facilidade de acesso, quem nao gosta trocar de computador constantemente, encontra boas solucoes de melhoramento atravs de programas vendidos em loja de informtica e hardwares que melhoram o uso das fe . Tambm conversaremos sobre Bijoux via the internet, Acessrios on line e Loja bijoux using the web, que tm haver com Acessrios femininos. Vamos adiante. Sabemos que quando se fala em Acessrios femininos atramos as atenes de Mulheres de 15 a 60 anos, que gostem de moda e curtam se cuidar, apreciem a vida e o alto astral, gostem de tecnologia, sejam independentes e morem no Brasil alm de elevada automobile estima. Se o caro leitor tem al . You can find possibly hundreds, if not a large number of totally different shapes, sizes and styles excellent for everyones tastes. Colorful a . Tambm conversaremos sobre Bijoux using the web, Acessrios on the net e Loja bijoux on the web, que tm haver com Acessrios femininos. Vamos adiante. Acessrios femininos um assunto que interessa pblicos como Mulheres de 15 a 60 anos, que gostem de moda e curtam se cuidar, apreciem a vida e o alto astral, gostem de tecnologia, sejam independentes e morem no Brasil alm de elevada auto estima. Se o caro internauta precisa saber so . Vamos tocar tambm em temas relacionados, por exemplo Bijoux on-line, Acessrios internet e Loja bijoux on-line. Mulheres de 15 a 60 anos, que gostem de moda e curtam se cuidar, apreciem a vida e o alto astral, gostem de tecnologia, sejam independentes e morem no Brasil alm de elevada automobile estima esto sempre procurando e buscando mais sobre Acessrios femininos. Se o caro internauta precisa saber sobre Acessrios femininos invista um . Together with the Ecuador travel information it is possible to get practical knowledge and get entirely prepared for that exciting holiday. For anybody who is bordered in the lifestyle and looking for a spot wherever you could relax your soul and get relief out of your monotonous daily life then Ecuador would be the most desirable area. It is actually found during the north of South America and bordered from the Pacific Ocean . Que tal?. Quero atingir tambm assuntos relacionados a Bijoux on the net, Acessorios internet e Loja bijoux online. Acessrios femininos um assunto que interessa pblicos como Mulheres de 15 a 60 anos, que gostem de moda e curtam se cuidar, apreciem a vida e o alto astral, gostem de tecnologia, sejam independentes e morem no Brasil alm de elevada automobile estima. Se o caro internauta precisa saber sobre Acessrios femininos invista um pouco de s . Bijoux web based, Acessorios on line e Loja bijoux internet). legal que pblico como Mulheres de 15 a 60 anos, que gostem de moda e curtam se cuidar, apreciem a vida e o alto astral, gostem de tecnologia, sejam independentes e morem no Brasil alm de elevada auto estima tenham acesso a contedo relevante sobre Acessrios femininos. Se o caro leitor tem alguma relao com Acessrios femininos leia . Quero atingir tambm assuntos relacionados a Bijoux on-line, Acessorios on line e Loja bijoux via the internet. legal que pblico como Mulheres de 15 a 60 anos, que gostem de moda e curtam se cuidar, apreciem a vida e o alto astral, gostem de tecnologia, sejam independentes e morem no Brasil alm de elevada automobile estima tenham acesso a contedo relevante sobre Acessrios femininos. Se voc tem qualquer ligao ou interesse em Acessrios femininos .LokiSnake remarks on Idea for an improvement to ipod headphones to prevent tangling<br>ugg christmas shopping http://islamicblessings.com/data/uggchristmas-172.html

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Westminster AbbeyWestminster Abbey is officially "the Collegiate Church of St. Peter". It is actually most suitable subsequent for the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, and it is a "Royal Peculiar" considering that the times of Elizabeth the first, which means that only the monarch has jurisdiction in excess of it, instead of Bishops.London Trend Week<br>best after christmas sales ugg http://www.knowledge-eg.com/Resources/FeedBrowser/themes/graphite/uggchristmas-226.html

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Just Three Days. What To try and do?Whenever you only possess a number of days to visit and see a city, attempting to figure out what to undertake can truly feel mind-boggling. It often would seem like you've got a listing of way a lot of you'd prefer to do, or you have no idea what you'd want to do. Really, having a little bit of each can be a fantastic basis for planning.<br>online after christmas sales http://levijacksonhvac.com/TreeLineImages/lminus/Xmaskarenmillen-66.html

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Atheist Havens A subreddit for any individual ostracized for their beliefs with nowhere to head to.<br>ugg alippers http://ironoutonline.com/data/style/ugg-us-5460.html

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London Was Vital 2000 Many years In the past As a Roman SettlementWith 620 sq. miles London may be the largest city in Britain, and in Europe. It had been established as a Roman settlement, named Londinium, in 43 AD, essentially 2000 many years in the past.<br>christmas deals ugg http://www.knowledge-eg.com/images/Flags/uggchristmas-244.html

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Spending budget Hotels at Gatwick Airport<br>steam christmas sale ugg http://www.knowledge-eg.com/campaign/refresh_web/themes/simple/images/uggchristmas-285.html

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Active vs Passive Most sight seeing breaks down into two classes: issues exactly where you do all of the action in encountering them, and important things in which you primarily just should appear and listen. Feel about your interests and energy levels. If you should detest being on formal tours, will not do them. If you happen to prefer to trip in a bus or on a boat and have an individual point out the many sights, it is easy to perform one tour inside the morning and one particular from the afternoon and have a terrific, complete day.<br>christmas accessories http://newjoyquilting.com/cart/images/full/northfacechristmas-57.html

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